Btwin Bibida Bike Bottle

Btwin Bibida Bike Bottle

All plastic Btwin Bibida bike water bottle is one of the reasonably priced biking water bottle available in the market. It’s ergonomic design fits easily in every water bottle cage available at as well as in the market.

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About Water Bottles

Given the rigorous nature of sports activities, it's of paramount importance to hydrate yourself from time to time. Studies show that loss of fluid equal to 2% of your body mass is sufficient to cause a significant decrease in performance. Cycling water bottles available at wizbiker varies in size, weight and make and model and their water storing capacity. Ideal bike water bottle should be lightweight, easier to maintain, fill and refill and fits well in the bottle cage attached to your bike.

Capacity: 600 ml, enough for a 1 to 2-hour bike ride (depending on the temperature)

Care Instructions : Leave open when not in use.

Compatibility : Fits every bottle cage on the market.

Ergonomic grip : Ergonomic shape for a good grip.

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Btwin Bibida Bike Bottle

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