D-LIGHT CG-404R1 LED Rear Light

About D-LIGHT CG-404R1 LED Rear Light

To have a powerful rear LED bike light is to have a sense of safety as you commute through the busy urban roads. D-LIGHT CG-404R1 with its 5 LED bike light keep the traffic aware of your presence through a constant powerful red beam.

There’re 5 LEDs are used in the making of D-LIGHT CG-404R1 where two of them are located on the sides. With 4 different modes(constant, flashing, chasing and random), this rear bike light serve as a good beacon for all your safety needs.

Either clip it to the seat tube or attach it to the waistband or saddle bag, D-LIGHT is quite easier to get along with.

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Top Features

5 powerful LEDs in one tail light.

4 different working modes.

Run Time: 70 hrs (Constant) / 160 hrs (Flashing) / 250 hrs (Chasing) / 250 hrs (Random)

About Cycling Lights

Cycling lights serve two purpose. One, to be seen on the road. Other, to see. Ideally suited for evening, night and early morning rides, cycling lights are an essential bike accessories riding without which is a risky affair. From powerful headlamps to flashy(and blinking) red rear lights enhance your visibility on the road. While a moderate headlamp would suffice to ride in an urban riding conditions, whereas you may need to clip the most powerful headlamp to your bike if you’re going on an extended trail ride.


Chance Good Ent Co Ltd located in Changhua, Taiwan, was founded in 1983. The company started as a manufacturer of timer switch. In 1992, Chance Good manufactured the first flashing LED rear tail light. Since then, Chance Good has been designing and developing the highest quality head lights, front lights, tail lights and related accessories for cyclists around the world. The main market for the company is in Europe, Australia and Japan. In 2004, Chance Good has successfully entered the US market by strategic alliance. D.Light's design appeals to a wider market segment that is not limited to the biker or the outdoors aficionados. The stylish design matches the personalities of our users who are young at heart and who value originality, vitality and a pioneering way of life.

Size: 66 × 40 × 35 mm

Weight: 24.5 gram (without battery)

LED: 5 Red LED

Battery: LR-03 (AAA) × 2

Run Time: 70 hrs (Constant) / 160 hrs (Flashing) / 250 hrs (Chasing) / 250 hrs (Random)

Bracket: RB01, diameter from 25 to 32 mm

Color: Red

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D-LIGHT CG-404R1 LED Rear Light

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