Deda Adjustable Angle Stem

The innovation of Deda Elementi to give you a powerful tool to clear all the problems eith the aerodynamic position on time trial bicycles.

The micro adjustable locking system of Deda Elementi ADJ allows you to find the perfect riding position. You have only to unscrew the central M8 screw by three turns, put stem in needed position, tight the screw again.

Length: 90 - 110mm
Handlebar O.D.: 31.7mm (Newton standard)
Fork steerer O.D.: 28.6mm (1'1/8)
Extension angle: adjustable between -40° and +30°
Tightening torque: M5 bolt (handlebar clamp) 8 Nm (5,9 ft-lb) (71 in-lb), M6 bolt (fork steerer clamp) 14 Nm (10,3 ft-lb) (124 in-lb), M8 bolt (angle adjuster) 18 Nm (13,3 ft-lb) (159 in-lb)
Weight (110mm size): 237 grams

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Deda Adjustable Angle Stem

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