ELEMENT Micro Floor Pump GM-71 Mini Pump

About ELEMENT Micro Floor Pump GM-71 Mini Pump

ELEMENT bicycle mini pump is a miniature version of bicycle floor pump but still works as good as a floor pump. Be it road, hybrid or mountain bikes, ELEMENT Micro floor pump is all you need to inflate the bike tires.

Like floor pump, it’s got a rotatable universal hose which can be easily attached to the bike valve. The footrest attached to the pump allow users to pump air with ease. Unlike other cheap mini bike pumps, it’s got a T-handle to rest the palm for a comfortable experience. It’s compatible with Presta and Schrader bike valve, so users don’t have to buy a separate mini bike pump for different bikes.

To top it all, the ELEMENT mini bicycle pump is equipped with a precise in-line gauge to check out the readings. This mini pump is as powerful as a regular floor/track pump and is something users can trust.

About Cycle Pumps

Cycle pumps are divided into two categories – floor(or track) or mini pump(which is portable enough to keep in the jersey pocket). Floor pump requires much lesser effort while inflating the bike tire. Whereas the handy, mini pump is your savior when you come across a flat tire on a ride. They often come with clips and Velcro straps to attach them to the bike frame or are small enough to fit in your jersey pocket. Pressure gauge and the flexible hosing are some features cyclist would find in a  higher end cycle pumps.


ELEMENT TECHNIC specialized in Framesets and Frame kits. ELEMENT TECHNIC products are created with one thing in mind, i.e. Rider Specification. Unlike many Taiwanese Bike brands, the approach applied by Element Technic was to comprehend the needs and wants of every end-user by means of hands-on on every bike, doing evaluations, interacting and collecting surveys from different kinds of rider instead of just starting off with the industrial process without even actually riding on it. Therefore, it is guaranteed that Element Technic can translate the need of the riders into the highest-quality products with the best value.


Reversible Presta & Schrader
2-Tone T-Handle
Universal hose rotate storage for better operation
Operate like a micro floor pump
11" length
Max. pressure 140 psi
Precise in-line gauge

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ELEMENT Micro Floor Pump GM-71 Mini Pump

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