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3T Time Trail Carbon Basebar With Clipon S-Revo Team

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About 3T Time Trail Carbon Basebar With Clipon S-Revo Team

The bullhorn bar was introduced to the cycling world by 3T on Francesco Moser’s hour record bikes. Its design principle hasn’t significantly changed since, until now. The Revo seems so obvious, now, providing a better, safer and more powerful grip for the rider. Then again, good ideas always seem obvious after the fact.


Revo is the first-ever aerobar to attach the basebar wing to the front of the grips instead of the back, literally changing aerobar design 180°. The advantages are clear:

  • The rider’s hands cannot slide forwards off the grips, so it’s safer and easier to use at all times
  • It offers better grip and handling on tough descents, rough roads and sketchy turns
  • It improves aerodynamics — the basebar wing has a sharper angle of attack with the free air flow than standard basebars


ADJUSTABILITY: Extensions under the wing for superlow body position, or above for more comfort. Grip spacing can also be adjusted to fit your needs. Add to that a range of elbow pad width, pad height, extension length & shapes and every rider can find their perfect position.

COMFORT ELBOW PADS: Our new cradle and pads put your elbows exactly where you want them and once there, support them with so much comfort you’ll be able to keep your aero position through the end of the race without a problem.

AERO WING: Aerodynamic wing design and horizontal grips for the fastest possible set-up. The wing is 3:1 UCI-legal but thanks to the sharply forward angle, they are close to 5:1 if measured in the direction of motion, a big aerodynamic advantage.


Wing material

Unidirectional carbon
Extension materialAlloy
Cradle materialAlloy
Pad materialNeoprene
W1 base bar width (c-c)400mm
W2 Outside pad width240-340mm
W3 Center pad width130-230mm
S1 Pad stack30-97mm
R1 Pad reach20-70mm
R Grip inside reach72mm
D Grip drop46mm
Clamp diameter31.8mm
CradleNew comfort
Weight770g (minimum stack)
FinishStealth black


About 3T

3T is a global company with three regional customer service offices (Italy, Taiwan, California) and 20+ service centers. Founded in Turin in 1961 as Tecno Tubo Torino (Turin Tube Technology), 3T has always been renowned for the quality, simplicity, and beauty of its products. 3T has a track record of being ‘first': first to introduce many modern alloys to cycling, first to produce a dedicated aerobar, first to win the ID design award, first to introduce dedicated gravel wheels and first to introduce an aero gravel frame.

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3T Time Trail Carbon Basebar With Clipon S-Revo Team

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