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New And Nothing Else Peanut Heavy Protein Bar - Pack Of 6

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About And Nothing Else Peanut Heavy Protein Bar - Pack Of 6

We have a Peanut Butter bar, which folks love. We also have a Double Cocoa bar, which folks LOOOOVE. So one day, when we were mixing our drinks, we wondered…why not mix these too!

Two bars of each flavor – in one hellava pack! Great for first-timers to find-out what they like. Great for old-timers to find-out what else they like.

Box Contains :

  • 2 Double Cocoa Bars
  • 2 Peanut Cocoa Bars
  • 2 Peanut Butter Bars

About And Nothing Else Brand

Good food is made of good ingredients. And Nothing Else.This is the simple philosophy with which we make our bars.

We believe simple, homely ingredients, minimally processed, are the secret to nutritious, tasty food. So we take premium dry fruits like cashews, almonds and dates, mix them with pure cocoa for taste, and add raw, unadulterated whey for that extra boost of protein - to make these bars.

These 5-6 ingredients are, literally, the only things that go into these bars. Anything else, is a strict no.

No added sugar,No sugar alcohols,No artificial sweeteners,No preservatives,No added color,No added flavor,No gluten. No soy,No false claims,No half truths,No * marks

Just simple, nutritionally balanced, wholesome food - that’s tastes yum. And nothing else.

The bars come in 5 flavors. Double Cocoa, Coconut Cocoa, Coffee Cocoa, Peanut Butter and Cranberry. With 12g Protein, it’s the Cleanest Snack. Ever. Go, try ‘em!

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And Nothing Else Peanut Heavy Protein Bar - Pack Of 6

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