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Avid Brake Lever with Aluminium Blade For Code R - Graphite Grey

About Avid Brake Lever with Aluminium Blade For Code R - Graphite Grey

Replacement brake lever inclusive clamp suited for Avid Code R disc brakes (fits also Elixir 7 / 7 Trail). The hydraulic hose is not included.

TaperBore Technology™
The term “TaperBore” refers to a unique patent-pending closure system in Avid‘s Elixir and Code levers. It saves weight, looks super-sleek, improves lever feedback and most importantly–gives you more power and control.

Intergrated Reservoir
With TaperBore Technology™ Avid has integrated the reservoir and master cylinder on Avid‘s hydraulic disc-brake levers to create a super-sleek (and even lighter) lever design.

Power Reserve Geometry
At the end of the day, a brake lever simply multiples the force your hand generates (just like the nut cracker). Avid’s Power Reserve Geometry™represents a way of thinking about the physics of leverage and your hand’s comfort. This philosophy is fundamentally different than others in the business of brakes. Due to pivot placement, physics dictates that with other brake levers your fingers tend to slip off the ends as you pull. Avid is different. Avid designed the levers with the pivot closer to the handlebar, in fact, closer than anyone else in the industry. The resulting lever movement has less inward travel, an arc that’s closer to your fingers’ natural motion and delivers more force to the brake. The cool part is, every Avid lever has it.

MatchMaker and MatchMakerX Compatible
Save weight and clutter on the bar with Matchmaker. It holds Avid levers, SRAM® triggers, and various RockShox® controls, all with one tidy, light, clamp--a dream come true for handlebar component footprint conservationists the world over. Available in two versions: Matchmaker™ X integrates the RockShox®XLoc and is compatible with XX and X0 brakes. Standard Matchmaker™is also available and works with any split-clamp design and RockShox® PushLoc.


  • Product Name: Avid Brake Lever with Aluminium Blade for Code R - 11.5015.030.500 - Graphite Grey
  • Manufacturer: Avid
  • Manufacturer item code: 11.5015.030.500
  • Included in delivery: 1 brake lever

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Avid Brake Lever with Aluminium Blade For Code R - Graphite Grey

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