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Birzman M-Torque 5Nm (10 Functions)

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About Birzman M-Torque 5Nm (10 Functions)

Birzman's M-Torque 10 is a 10-piece multi-tool that is not only equipped with those side-of-the-road essentials but also a rather clever torque meter. With top-end frames and components requiring close tolerance tightening ranges it certainly takes the guesswork out of mid-ride tweaks and adjustments.

This pretty design tool not only looks good, but also offers high technology. The Birzman M-Torque tool has an integrated precise torque indicator that makes a clicking sound when the bolt has been tightened to 5 Nm. Especially when tightening carbon components, this tool is a useful helper to prevent damages to material and threads. With an extensive tool range, you are well-equipped for adjustments and repair works on or replacements of bike parts and drivetrain elements. Of course, you can also use the tool without the torque alert function.

As you tighten a bolt with M-Torque in hand, the force through your thumb pushes on the raised button. When this force reaches 5Nm, the button will give a reassuring click, indicating the bolt has been tightened to the correct torque value, just as it would be in a workshop.

Functions :

  • 4 mm hex with torque alert function
  • 5 mm hex with torque alert function
  • T25 star wrench
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Cross head screwdriver
  • 2.5 / 3 / 8 mm hex wrench
  • 6 mm L-shaped hex wrench
  • Chain tool for 6-11-speed chains (except Campagnolo 11-speed)

Torque Button Specifications :

  • Preset to 5Nm.
  • No calibration or maintenance needed
  • Rated to 10,000 clicks
  • Weather-resistant torque button (IPX4)


  • Functions : 10
  • Material : Body : Alloy Steel / Tools : Chrome Vandium / Chain Tool : Alloy Steel
  • Size : 93 x 57 x 18mm
  • Weight :170g

About Birzman Brand

Birzman, although relatively unknown to local market, it is an established Taiwan manufacturer of bicycle tools and pumps. Their products are sold across America, Europe and Asia region. Now the brand has arrived in India too, exclusively distributed by World Of Wheelz.
Birzman was born out of the marriage between increased design and optimized functionality. Birzman was established in 2007 to answer the need for well designed, bike-specific tools. They made its foray into the bike scene in 2009 when it scooped its first gold at the EUROBIKE Award 2009. A year on, in 2010, they clinched an iF Award and two Reddot Awards for three different products. The concept of simplicity remains as the core principle of Birzman’s products. Being passionate cyclists themselves, designers and engineers at Birzman understand too well that many riders out there are spending too much time fiddling with bike accessories and components. Birzman never fails to impress the cycling industry with devices that are ever so innovative and simple to use. Their high-quality air pumps are so popular because of their revolutionary technology, the Snap-It Apogee and Controlled Air Discharge, that built into these products.

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Birzman M-Torque 5Nm (10 Functions)

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