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BnB Bicycle Carrier Aerorack 100 bc-6301-3e

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About BnB Trunk Mount Carrier Aerorack bc-6301-3e

The BnB trunk mount carrier BC 6301 3e has three bikes capacity and mounts easily to a sedan, hatchback and S.U.V. The rack is constructed withhigh strength steel, aluminum alloy and reinforced plastics and has a smart matte black with anodized sandy silver finish. It has a unique aerodynamic style. It comes in a full colored box package and a full colored guide is accompanied in the box. The weight of the box is 19.5 kgs. The product has limited lifetime warranty and is  TUV certified. No tools are required to set up the rack and has a weight limit of 45 kgs.


  • TUV certified - NR110510090
  • 3 bikes capacity
  • 100 lbs (45 kgs) weight limit
  • No tools needed
  • Logistic information
  • 2 set / 4.4 cuft / 16 kgs/ 19.5 kgs

About BnB Rack

BNB Rack is designed by a team of experienced engineers who enjoy spending most of their time in outdoor life – cycling, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, fishing, and camping. BnB racks are customized to carry and protect your gear and precious cargo. Ultimately, your interior space is maximized for your family and pets. With ingenious design, the racks will surely make your trip more convenient, safe, and exciting.

About Car Racks

When transporting your cycle by car its best to use a good car rack to carry your bike. Your bike is held safely and is protected on the outside by the rack. Also, it does not take up any room inside the vehicle and neither does the interiors of your car get dirty. The simplest racks to use fit onto the rear of the car. Most grip the vehicle with plastic-coated hooks which must be positioned where they can spread the load. With all these racks, it's vital that the rack is firmly attached to the car and it's best if you then fix the bikes to the car itself, not just to the rack. If you have a tow-ball, use it! That way, the rack won't even touch the car and the whole setup is really secure. If your car has roof rails, you can mount cycle carriers to them. This works well but be careful when entering car parks with height barriers! Whichever type you choose, make sure you lock the bikes to the car if you want to keep them secure.

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BnB Bicycle Carrier Aerorack 100 bc-6301-3e

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