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BnB Roof Mount Carrier Aeroforz bc-225

About BnB Roof Mount Carrier Aeroforz bc-225

The BnB BC mounts to factory and aftermarket cross bars or roof bars. It is built with high strength heat treated aluminium and reinforced plastics and has a premium anodized silver finish. It fits bike with sizes from 24'' to 29''. The rack mounts or fits on bars up to 100mm in width. The bike gets fixed and locks on to the carrier and the carrier locks to the car. The carrier does not contact bike frame to avoid the stress and scratch due to unique mechanism on front tire. BnB BC 225 comes in a brown box with a coloured guide included.

Contains only the Carrier. The crossbars and footpack have to be purchased separately.

About Car Racks

When transporting your cycle by car its best to use a good car rack to carry your bike. Your bike is held safely and is protected on the outside by the rack. Also, it does not take up any room inside the vehicle and neither does the interiors of your car get dirty. The simplest racks to use fit onto the rear of the car. Most grip the vehicle with plastic-coated hooks which must be positioned where they can spread the load. With all these racks, it's vital that the rack is firmly attached to the car and it's best if you then fix the bikes to the car itself, not just to the rack. If you have a tow-ball, use it! That way, the rack won't even touch the car and the whole setup is really secure. If your car has roof rails, you can mount cycle carriers to them. This works well but be careful when entering car parks with height barriers! Whichever type you choose, make sure you lock the bikes to the car if you want to keep them secure.


  • Fits bike from 24'' to 29''
  • Fits bars up to 100mm width
  • Colored guide included

About BnB Brand

BNB RACK is one of the most recognized and famous brands in the world. The company designs and produces its bicycle racks, carriers, cable locks and other accessories in Taiwan. Designed by American engineers with vast knowledge and experience in the field, BNB RACK products make your outdoor adventure safe and comfortable.

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BnB Roof Mount Carrier Aeroforz bc-225

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