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Cateye CC-PD100W Cateye Fit Pedometer Bike Computer

About Cateye CC-PD100W Cateye Fit Pedometer Bike Computer

Take your workout anywhere you go with all the cycling functions and features you’ve come to expect from CatEye plus the addition of a 3-D pedometer.

Simply remove the CatEye Fit from your bike, throw it in your pocket or bag and away you go. The built-in 3-D sensors automatically track your steps once it’s removed from the bike, so there’s no need to strap it to your hip or waist. It tracks in real time current/average/max speed, elapsed time, distance and calories in Bike Mode and tracks steps, elapsed time, distance and calories in Walk Mode.

The CatEye Fit is easy to use with auto data save and reset each day, a large, easy to read screen, and is available in black, white, and red with matching bicycle sensor.


[ Bike Mode ]

Current speed:0.0(4.0) ~ 99.9 km/h [mph]

Elapsed time:0:00'00" ~ 23:59'59"

Trip distance:0.00 ~ 999.99 km [mile]

Average speed:0.0 ~ 99.9 km/h [mph]

Maximum speed:0.0(4.0) ~ 99.9 km/h [mph]

Calorie consumption :0 ~ 9999 kcal

Clock:0:00' ~ 23:59' [ 1:00' ~ 12:59' ]

[ Walk Mode ]

Steps:0 ~ 99999 steps

Walking time:0:00'00" ~ 23:59'59"

Walking distance:0.00 ~ 999.99 km [mile]

Calorie consumption:0 ~ 9999 kcal

Trip distance and Walking distance:7 days per week/weekly total/total (odometer)

Steps:7 days per week/weekly total/total

Calorie consumption:7 days per week/weekly total/total

Carbon offset:7 days per week/weekly total/total

Wireless transmission: 

Sleep mode:Yes (default:8pm - 6am. Programmable.)

Auto start/stop:Yes

Tire size:0100 ~ 3999mm ( default:2096mm )

Battery:Computer : CR2032 x2

Sensor : CR2032 x1

Battery life:Computer:[ Bike Mode ] approx 1 year (1hr use per day) 
[ Walk Mode ] approx 4.5 months (10,000 steps per day)

Sensor:approx 10,000km [6,250 miles] in total distance

Dimension/ Weight:Computer:46.0 X 49.0 X 19.5 mm / 37 grams

Sensor:41.5 X 36.0 X 15.0 mm / 15 grams

About Cateye

Design, Manufacturing, Sales and Servicing of Bicycle Accessories Such as Cyclocomputers and Lights; Heart Rate Monitors; Pulse Meters; Altitude Meters; Reflectors for Bicycles, Automobiles, Motorcycles and Roads; E Mark Headlamps for Automobiles; Triangular Stop Signs for Automobiles, Security Equipment Such as Construction Lights, and Traffic Safety Equipment Such as Delineators; and Servicing of Health Equipment.

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Cateye CC-PD100W Cateye Fit Pedometer Bike Computer

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