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Catlike Freeride 360º BMX Bike Helmet Matt Green

About Catlike Freeride 360º BMX Bike Helmet Matt Green

The simplicity of this design under rides the most basic nature of biking, no matter if it is on a freeride, dirt, or freestyle machine-or even a skateboard or roller skates. This helmet, of rounded and compact shape, is perfect for fun rides on the dirt jump track, in the city, or any place your wheels want to try new tricks.

About Catlike

Catlike helmets are in a class of their own when it comes to comfort, safety and styling. Being light weight, catlike cycle helmets are easy to wear for a longer duration of time and offer optimized ventilation. When it comes to styling Catlike cycle helmets are available in attractive, cool and colorful designs. They are tested and used by the Euskaltel, Phonak and Comunidad Valenciana in Pro races throughout the world.
From the safety point of view there is no beating a Catlike helmet, they use an advanced Crash Energy Splitter (CES) technology. If the helmet suffers an impact these specialized bicycle helmets split the crash energy across the helmet, this is unlike other basic bike helmets that put the full force of the impact on a single point. The splitting of crash energy across a number of points ensures that the helmet offers maximum protection to the rider. All these features make the catlike bike helmets the best out there, no matter if you are riding a road bike, track bike or a mountain bike.

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Catlike Freeride 360º BMX Bike Helmet Matt Green

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