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CicloSport CM 109 Wired Cycling Computer

About CicloSport CM 109 Wired Bike Computer

When compared with the best cycle computer available in India, you wouldn’t find night light display to read your ride summary in the dark. And calories consumption feature is a mere but important addition to help you in your weight loss goals.

At an entry level price, CicloSport CM109 wired cycling computer packs a lot of power and useful functions which every cyclist is so obsessed about. Controlled with two physical buttons and big illuminating display to look at, CM109 wired bike computer allows bikers to drool over statistics like Current, Maximum and even average speed which is not the norms in the entry level wired bike computer available in India. Right after the ride, cyclists can have a look at the total distance travelled, total time and speed comparison if they’re riding in the group. Though batteries used in the computer last a lot, which once drained can be replaced easily.

Top Features

  • Night-light display
  • Power saving mode
  • Calorie Count
  • About

About Cycle Computer

Cycle computers are a great training tool. What gets measured, gets improved. With cycle computers cyclists can measure their speed(average, current and total), distance and time. Wired and wireless cycle computer are two broad categories to choose from. Apart from the basic functions, cycle computers available in the market are intelligent enough to measure cadence, heart rate and power spend during the ride as you go up the range. They’re are easy to clip/unclip on a bike and offer all the basic amenities to cyclists who’re serious about improving their fitness.

About CicloSport

CicloSport K.W. Hochschorner GmbH was established in 1978 in the town of Stockdorf near Munich.
Since CicloSport was founded 30 years ago, the family business has developed into one of the leading sports computer producers at our time. The name CicloSport is synonymous with high quality and a variety of comprehensible and usable information. In 1989, CicloSport was one of the pioneers that offered cycle computers for the bicycle market. Since then they’ve continued to develop our products.

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CicloSport CM 109 Wired Cycling Computer

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