Compressport Full Socks V2.1 Black

About Compressport Full Socks V2.1 Black

A comfortable design and exclusive technologies are not all in these full socks.

The Tops of  FULL SOCKS V2.1 – the ideal foot compression apparel!

  • Nothing better than feet that breathe in the shoes! Due to an ultra-ventilated mesh no moisture, no humidity, no overheat is allowed.
  • Maximum grip is guaranteed due to the 3D.Dots acupuncture technology. You won`t slip during effort and blood circulation is stimulated.
  • Those same 3D.Dots help absorb shocks and dampen impact; the Achilles tendon is cushioned and protected.
  • Moreover, the socks being positioned around the arch of the foot, compression stimulates venous return and strengthens stride posture.
  • One UP of these socks is their ergonomic toe piece that fits each foot; your toes are neither smothered nor compressed during effort.
  • Its seamless and elastic-less upper layer does not pressurise your leg.
  • As a blood-flow stimulator, the Full Socks become your ideal travel socks for the feet.
  • A unique feature in this improved version is the one-layer hem that replaces the initial double-thick one. Less pressure and discomfort is exercised on the knee.  

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Compressport Full Socks V2.1 Black

  • ₹2,999

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