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Compressport Headband On/Off Fluo Blue

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About Compressport Headband On/Off Fluo Blue

True stor y, true product.
While racing, a headband can quickly turn into a soaking piece of cloth which loses its functionality... Retaining too much water, not drying fast enough...
Bearing this in mind, Compressport has created the ?rst HeadBand incorporating the On/O? Ventilation ?ber. A new conceptof ultra light HeadBand with unmatched comfort ant that dries up to 7-times faster than a traditional HeadBand.
Its On/O? Seamless Fiber is the secret to its exceptional performance.
Lightness, ergonomy, performance and durability de?ne this new Compressport HeadBand.

And always cool!
The targeted arrangement of the mesh fabric provides venitlation to speci?c area, helping to cool body temperature down quickly and also guaranteeing quick evacuation of molsture.

Always dry
The hydrophobic ?ber wicks away sweat without absorbing it, even during excessive e?orts. Say goodbye to the discomfort of heavy, damp, cha?ng sportswear that never dries.

Fiber with antibacterial and anti-odor properties
The very nature of the ?ber ensures e?cient protection against bacteria and helps naturally ?ght the development of unpleasant odors and

Optimum thermoregulation
Its unique weaving pattern and its 1,000 alveoli promote air circulation and provide perfect balance between the outside and inside.

Pleasant to wear
For more comfort, the body is made using a soft, light, seamless of movement.

In order to provide absolute quality, the HeadBand ON OFF is manufactured exclusively in Europe, using European yarn, on European equipment, by European specialists..

The innovative ?bers we use are certi?ed by OEKO-TEX, a globally- recognized inspection organization.
This certi?cation means that the ?bers contain no chemicals which are harmful to the skin or body.

Like all COMPRESSPORT® products, the HeadBand ON OFF is covered under a 2-year exchange guarantee and will be refunded if the user is not satis?ed within 30 days following purchase.

Compressport Headband On/Off is a product that corresponds to the Compressions category within Men´s clothing selection at your bike store, bikeinn. Wait no more and learn about all the advantages belonging to the community of bikeinn. What are the advantages of Compressport Headband On/Off? This product is designed specifically to provide good support and entirely based on our passion for bike.

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Compressport Headband On/Off Fluo Blue

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