Compressport Underwear Multisport Short V2 Black

About Compressport Underwear Multisport Short V2 Black

With a new and comfortable design, this underwear short ensures optimum performance to your thighs.

The Tops of the UW Multisport Short V2

  • A high waistband, wrapping any morphology, provides abdominal support and excellent holding of the lower back.

  • Shocks are absorbed, even better during descents.

  • V-shaped, the waistband does not compress the abdomen.

  • That same waistband is fitted with a pocket to store gels and bars.

  • Another set of pockets, at the back, ideal for trail runners, offers further storage capacity.

  • No seams in the sewing will guarantee no friction and no pressure.

  • This short offers undeniable comfort in-between legs, thanks to an intelligent push-up zone

  • The push-up zone allows maximum aeration and lets out perspiration.

  • Sewn using the flat lock technique the short permits no chaffing, even over long distances.

  • The hydrophobic fibre does not retain water and sweat. No irritation is caused and you stay dry.

  • The special knitting made of thermo-regulating fibres protects you from the colds and breathes with you when the effort is intense.

  • The short not only supports your muscles but also massage them via each movement you make.

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Compressport Underwear Multisport Short V2 Black

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