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Elite Coperton Indoor Turbo Trainer Tyre

About Elite Coperton Indoor Turbo Trainer Tyre

The ideal hometrainer tyre. Quiet and comfortable: reduces vibrations and noise
Reduced noise + comfort + grip - heat = better training

The tyre designed specifically for use with home trainers

  • Quietness and comfort: reduces vibration and noise, offers greater comfort during training
  • Excellent heat dissipation: thanks to the special knurling, the tyre does not overheat like a normal road tyre
  • Optimum grip between the tyre and roller, compared to conventional tyres
  • Reduces stress on the roller for a longer life.


  • Dimensions: 23 – 622 (700 x 23 C)
  • Colour: red with white walls
  • Specially designed and developed for indoor training
  • Quietness and comfort: the tyre coming into contact with the trainer roller is designed to ensure free spinning thus reducing vibrations, noise and offering,increased comfort during training
  • Heat dispersion: thanks to it’s special tread pattern, the tyre won’t heat up like a road tyre. It offers better heat dispersion thus reduces heat build-up generated due to friction on the roller and the power developed during training.
  • Excellent grip between tyre and trainer roller: the compound used offers a better grip compared to conventional tyres, reducing slippage especially when training at high power levels
  • Long lasting
  • Increases trainer roller life: thanks to the tyre’s specific characteristics and functions for indoor training, the roller undergoes less stress and therefore lasts longer
  • Easy to assemble: extremely soft at the sides, it enables very easy fitting on the rim

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    Elite Coperton Indoor Turbo Trainer Tyre

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