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Elite Protec Sweat Net Cycling Equipment

About Elite Protec Sweat Net Cycling Equipment

When you are pushing hard on the pedals on your turbo trainer you don't want your sweat to be dripping all over your components, framework or the floor. Use the Elite Protec Plus Sweat Net to catch your sweat and keep your riding clean.

Redesigned from previous iterations, the Elite Protec Plus Sweat Net offers more coverage and greater absorption. The sweat net is easily adjustable and can fit any bike frame. Fully machine washable, the Elite Protec Plus Sweat Net can be popped in the washing machine to bring it back to a new state of freshness.

Protects the bicycle from sweat and avoids corrosion or rust.Prevent sweat from dripping off you onto your bike with the Elite Protec Plus Sweat Net. This sweat guard provides additional absorption and easily adjustable coverage for your intense turbo trainer sessions.


Prevents an accumulation of sweat on the frame and components that would lead to corrosion or affect the finish
Sits above the top-tube and can be adjusted for different bicycles
Washing-machine friendly

  • A complete redesign of the long-serving Protec sweat net.
  • Completely new design with superior coverage and improved absorbency for even the longest, most intense workouts.
  • Protects your bike components and paint work from corrosive salty sweat.
  • Easy to put on for indoor training and take off the bike for regular riding.
  • Lightweight fabric construction for easy storage.
  • Fully machine washable.

About Elite Brand

    Elite, a company of cycling enthusiasts, has been offering unique and cutting-edge products to the cycling world for forty years.

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      Elite Protec Sweat Net Cycling Equipment

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