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Fast & UP Energy Gel Chocolate Flavour Box of 5 Gel

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About Fast & UP Energy Gel Chocolate Flavour Box of 5 Gel

  • Instant Energy Gel.
  • Maltodextrin + Added Caffeine.
  • Ready to Consume.
  • Smooth and Easy to Digest.
  • Consume 10 minutes before and every 30 minutes during training.

Product Description


Designed for instant energy boost, Fast&Up Energy Gel is a carbohydrate based energy gel made for those who want a competitive edge during an endurance event. Each Fast&Up Energy Gel sachet provides with a serving size of 30 g which contains 60% Maltodextrin and 0.1% Caffeine for instant energy boost during training. This energizing carbohydrate sports energy gel is a Ready To Consume Instant Energy Gel that requires no extra preparation of water. Just Bite, Squeeze and Action.
Available in a pack of 5 energy gel sachets, Fast&Up Energy Gel in energizing different flavours is the best option for a palatable, super-fast and easily digested supply of 102 Kcal of instant energy without any GI distress.


It is well established that carbohydrate consumption before and during training or exercise can help reduce fatigue and improve endurance performance. Fast&Up Energy Gel contains Maltodextrin which is an easily digestible carbohydrate that helps with faster absorption and action. This provides one with enough carbohydrates to supply energy for about 30 minutes during physical activity.


Caffeine in sports gel when consumed in controlled amounts helps to stimulate the central nervous system with increased focus and alertness during training. It has been observed that over 85% of all studies focussed on the use and significance of caffeine among athletes have demonstrated significant advantages.


Carbohydrate Gels are the greatest in carbohydrate supplementation because of their convenience and ease on the digestive system. Energy Gels are the best option because they are not “heavy on the stomach” and are unlikely to cause gastrointestinal distress. Complex carbohydrates like Maltodextrin allow you to absorb more calories or energy use than you can from simple sugars.
Refuelling the body with India’s Favourite Fast&Up Energy Gel is the key for instant energy boost for peak performance when engaged in physical activity.

Nutritional Value

Nutritional Information (Approximate values)

NUTRIENTSEach Sachet Contains (30g)
Energy102 Kcal
Protein0.27 g
Carbohydrate25 g
Sugars18 g
Fat0.14 g

About Fast & Up

Fast&Up India is an idea born out of passion to offer a product that caters all the nutritional needs of athletes. We have one core aim – Fuel the sport of the Indian athlete and we have been doing that since our inception in the year 2015 . We can say with pride that we fuel the sports of India, with a sports fuel that is made in India.

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Fast & UP Energy Gel Chocolate Flavour Box of 5 Gel

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