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Icetoolz Dry Lubricant Shrink 120ml

About Icetoolz Dry Lubricant Shrink 120ml

 Best for dry environments,Non-tacky,Low viscosity (dry)Doesn’t hold on to dust & grit,Waxy.The general rule of thumb summer riding.


  • Contains PTFE to keep your chain running smooth. 
  • Well-performed in dust, gravel, and dirt environment.
  • In dry condition, remains bicycle chains, chain wheels, and derailleur well-functioned in various speed.
  • It does not stick dust and reduce the wear of parts.
  • Excellent lubrication can also be maintained at high speeds.
  • Not recommended for using in wet condition (use #C141 for this application).


  • Volume : 4oz. / 120ml
  • Product Dimensions : 16 x 4.2 x 4.2cm
  • Weight : 0.466kg
  • Color : Orange

What is Dry Lucbircant?

A solid/dry lubricant is a lubricant that uses special materials in the formula to provide a protective layer against dust and dirt. Most dry lubricants are made with a paraffin wax or teflon base and then suspended in a liquid or solvent that allows them to flow between the chain pins and rollers.

About IceToolz Brand

Ice Toolz is a range of specialised Bicycle Tools made by Lifu Cycle Co Ltd. A long established bicycle company with over 30 years of experience in the cycling industry.IceToolz is a manufacturer of bike tools, offering multifunction tools and individual tool components which provide useful services when your bike needs maintenance or repair.

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Icetoolz Dry Lubricant Shrink 120ml

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