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-50% Ithrive Enhanced B Complex - (60 Capsules)

About Ithrive Enhanced B Complex - 60 Capsules

iThrive’s Essentials presents India’s Best B complex supplement

iThrive Essentials Enhanced B-Complex contains an optimal balance of 8 essential B vitamins with active forms of B6, folate, & vitamin B12. This complex also contains the B vitamin cofactor choline to help with optimal absorption.

Simply put, this product was formulated with the best and most bioactive forms of the B Vitamins, in amounts that coincide with the optimizing cellular energy production.Total capsules - 60

Benefits of B Vitamins/Complex:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps boost mood & deal with stress
  • Helps maintain a healthy nervous system
  • Supports blood formation
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Promotes the conversion of carbohydrates into energy & the metabolism of fats and proteins
  • Promotes healthy red blood cell formation
  • May help support healthy liver function and metabolism
  • May help support neurotransmitter production and a healthy nervous system

Unique Features:

  • Highly bioavailable/active forms

Why supplementing with B vitamins is very important for everyone?
Supplementing with tissue-ready B vitamins is important for everyone, especially individuals who aren’t able to convert the non-active B vitamins to their active forms. Factors that can inhibit the body's ability to convert non-active vitamins to their active forms include genetic predisposition, compromised liver function, poorly functioning enzymes, digestive disturbances, and ageing.
Millions of Indians follow vegetarian diets & it’s really hard to get B vitamins if you aren’t eating meat & eggs. Also, it’s very difficult for some people to eat non-vegetarian foods every day, especially organ meats. Organ meats contain the highest levels of B vitamins. Therefore supplementing with B vitamins is a must, especially for older adults & adults.

Suggested use: Take one capsule with a meal or as suggested by your healthcare professional.

About Ithrive Brand

For our body to be healthy and function optimally, it needs certain amounts of vitamins and minerals. Clean supplements are needed to overcome deficiency in these nutrients. To ensure that, we recommended our clients to buy foreign brand supplements. Frustrated with the Indian nutraceutical market we decided to develop our own supplements. We also plan to ship our supplements internationally.
After deep comprehensive research and experimentation, we have formulated the cleanest, most bioavailable, filler-free supplements. Our supplement are comparable to top foreign brands while being cost-effective. We aim to provide top quality supplements that are easily available in the Indian market.

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Ithrive Enhanced B Complex - (60 Capsules)

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