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Kingcamp Stainless Steel Mug 250 KA3675

About Kingcamp Stainless Steel Mug 250 KA3675

Stainless Steel Mug with carabiner type handle and perfect finish.


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Volume: 0.25L

Feature :

  • BPA free
  • healthy Carabiner handle
  • Foldable,
  • easy to carry
  • Ideal for both in door and outdoor camping use

About Kingcamp Brand

The KingCamp Brand was founded by Shu Guoking from China who in 1993 trekked across China into Europe where the freedom and beauty of the outdoors led to be making the decision to return to his native home to begin the process of building a company that would make accessing the beautiful outdoors globally easy and affordable without compromising quality or performance.Shu developed the corporate motto of; “LEARN TO LOVE OUTDOORS” as a result of his experiences.

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Kingcamp Stainless Steel Mug 250 KA3675

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