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-10% KMC X11EL Bike Chain Silver Silver

About KMC X11EL Bike Chain Silver Silver

  • One Chain for All
  • 100% Compatibility On All Leading Derailleur Systems
  • Asymmetrical Chamfering Avoids Interference
  • Added Chamfering for Smooth Operation
  • Impeccable Precision
  • Phenomenal Shifting Performance


Extra Light                         Hollow outer & inner plate
High Rigidity                      Quick response and higher efficiency
Highest Pin Power            Unsurpassed riveting geometry
Mud Shedding DesignEasy clean
Triple X DurabilityTriple SP exceptional durability
Double ”X” Bridge ShapePrecise gear shifting
Outer Plate ChamferingAccurate shifting
Inner Plate ChamferingExpeditious shifting


1/2"x11/128" | Compatibility:  118 SHIMANO, Campagnolo and SRAM 11 speed drivetrain systems | 1x11, 2x11, 3x11

Suitable For - Down Hill,Mountain Bike,Road Bike,Cyclo-Cross

Tips for chain cleaning

About KMC

With over 40 years experience in manufacturing, KMC adopts the state-of-the art technology. However, we always know what is most important: the people behind the company and their connection to you and the product. Actively involved in cycling we always look to make the best possible products, which results in very interesting innovations and tremendous product improvements.

We thank you for your interest in our products, and invite you to try KMC - we will not let you down!

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KMC X11EL Bike Chain Silver Silver

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