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M-Wave Spiral Cycle Cable Lock (8X15mm)

About M-Wave Spiral Cycle Cable Lock (8X15mm)

The M-Wave 8.15 Spiral Cable Combination Lock is a heavy duty combination lock. Comes with a coiled design and attachment bracket.


  • 4 Digit resettable combination lock.
  • 8 mm x 5 feet.
  • Dark transparent housing to prevent scratches on your bike.
  • Includes Clip-On bracket for attachment to your frame or seat post.
  • On header card.

Abour M-Wave Brand

The company Messingschlager is a traditional family business at its current location in Baunach, Germany Founded in 1924, which has been rooted in the region for three generations. M-Wave stands for more than 1000 products used by passionate cyclists which attach importance to technical products. M-Wave offers full range of Products for cyclists with high technical demands, searching for innovative, high-quality materials.

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M-Wave Spiral Cycle Cable Lock (8X15mm)

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