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Minoura DS-2200 Bike Display Stand

About Minoura DS-2200 Bike Display Stand

Features :

  • Stores bike in 2 different orientations vertically and horizontally.
  • Vertical orientation is great for longer storage and saves valuable space.
  • Horizontal orientation is good for grab-and-go for frequent riders.
  • Tire cradle and top hook are fully adjustable for a variety of wheels and tires.
  • Top hook is padded to avoid scratches.
  • Available size is 16 inch like Mini-velo to 29 inch.

Specifiactions :

  • Wheel size : 16" – 29" (Maximum inner tire width is 80 mm)
  • Material : Steel
  • Weight : 3.5 kgs

Setup dimensions :

  • W = 550 mm
  • D = 700 mm
  • H = 1,290 mm
  • T = 80 mm (inner tire width)

Cautions :

  • If your bike has fenders, some bikes cannot by mounted horizontally.
  • Not for use with tandems, city cycle and E-bikes.
  • Tire width is maximum 80mm so it does not work for bikes like Fat Bikes.
  • Do not ride your bike when in the stand.
  • Set up on a flat floor.
  • Do not hang your bike from the back wheel in the vertical position.
  • Be sure to adjust your bike correctly.
  • Support pillar can be adjust for height depending on the length of bike's wheel base.

About Minoura Brand

Founded 1n 1933 Japanese manufacturer of outstanding cycling trainers, rollers and accessories.High End Solutions for Every Cycling Need.

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Minoura DS-2200 Bike Display Stand

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