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MKS FD-5 Folding Pedal Gray

About MKS FD-5 Folding Pedal Gray

Folding Plastic pedal
Light-weight folding pedal made of plastics.
To fold, pull the lever up, then slide and fold the cage.
Appropriate combination with small-wheeled folding bikes or "RINKO"(carry in bicycling) trip.


  • Color: GrayBrown
  • Body : Plastic-PA
  • Plate : Plastic-PA
  • Size : W97 x L69
  • Step Area : Double sided
  • Bearing : CUP & CONE BEARINGS
  • Toe Clip : Non
  • Reflector : Installed
  • Weight of a pair : 390g

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MKS FD-5 Folding Pedal Gray

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