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Muc Off High Performance Brake Fluid Dot 4 250ml (861)

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About Muc Off High Performance Brake Fluid Dot 4 250ml (861)

Our High-Performance Brake Fluid has been specially formulated to provide the highest performance under the worlds toughest racing conditions, where braking systems must operate at very high temperatures. 

Typical boiling points

Dry: 327°C (621°F)
Wet: 202°C (396°F)


Ultra-high 'class-leading' 327°C dry boiling point
Compatible with Dot 5.1 systems
Reduces lever fade and brake pump
For unrivalled braking performance

Directions for Use

Use in a well-ventilated area. Follow brake manufactures instructions for bleeding/fluid replacement. For best results bleed the system with fresh fluid before each race, especially if the brakes are excessively hot and /or the conditions are humid. Do not mix with other brake fluids.

NB: Brake fluid damages paintwork - if spilt, wash off immediately with plenty of water. Not suitable for brake systems requiring a mineral based fluid. Not recommended for use with components made from magnesium or alloys with high magnesium content.

Contamination with dirt, water, petroleum products or other materials may result in brake failure or costly repairs. Store brake fluid only in its original container. Keep container clean and tightly sealed to prevent absorption of water. Caution: Do not re-fill container and do not use for other liquids.

Compatible Brake Systems

All Hope
Hope RX4-SR
Hope Trail Zone
Hope Tech 3
Hope M4
Hope Mono

All SRAM / Avid Brakes
Level Force
Apex Rival
S-900 Aero HRD
S-700 Rim Brake

Prime Pro


Cannot Be used on:

About Muc Off

Muc-Off is the world's only bike care product brand that caters to every facet of bike and rider care. Products range from cleaners to polishes and lubricants and are considered by experts as the gold standard in their categories. Distributed exclusively in India through Spartan ProGear.

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Muc Off High Performance Brake Fluid Dot 4 250ml (861)

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