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Panaracer R'Air 700x31/35 Valve Presta Hybrid Tube 48mm (PARART-731-48-F)

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About Panaracer R'Air 700x31/35c Valve Presta Hybrid Tube 48mm (PARART-731-48-F)

The R'Air tube gives you all the ride advantage of latex with all the functionality of butyl. Patch it with a regular butyl patch kit. Try a set on you bicycle to understand why the feel and ride of latex rules.


  • Product Code : PARART-731-48-F
  • Size : 700x31/35c
  • VAlve : P/V 48mm
  • Weight (g) : 113

About Panaracer

Formed in 1952, Panaracer began manufacturing rubber products for a variety of commercial and consumer applications. Since then, we began to exclusively manufacture bicycle tires so we could carefully focus on producing the finest tires available today.

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Panaracer R'Air 700x31/35 Valve Presta Hybrid Tube 48mm (PARART-731-48-F)

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