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Prologo Scracth-2 Tirox Road Bike Saddle

About Prologo Scracth-2 Tirox Road Bike Saddle

A round shape saddle suitable for long/medium distance road and offroad riding. Thanks to this shape, the weight is shared on the whole seating area reducing picks of pressure in the pelvic zone. Scratch saddle helps the natural rotation of your pelvis during the riding.
SCRATCH 2 saddles are available with the Tirox rail: Light-alloy steel rail that is highly resistant to traction and torsion, it is used in the aviation and aerospace industry because it’s light and strong. Tirox gives a good balance between weight and strength and it doesn’t fear the normal stress addresses a bicycle. It has 7mm rail clamp diameter.


  • Size (mm): 280x134
  • Weight (gr): 211
  • Rail available:Nack7x9,3 mm,Tirox7 mm,T2.07 mm
  • Cover: Microfiber
  • Padding: Light Foam Active Density

About Prologo

Prologo is a technical brand expert in sport cycling saddles. New materials, technologies and concepts for sport high performance saddles.

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    Prologo Scracth-2 Tirox Road Bike Saddle

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