Feedback Sports Rakk-Bicycle Stand,Black

Feedback Sports Rakk-Bicycle Stand,Black

Maintaining a bike isn’t just riding it regularly but storing it efficiently too. Apart from the unfortunate accidental scratches, the one you usually regrets the most are the scratches from inefficient parking/storing of the bike.

Whether you want to store your bike at home, garage or bike shop, RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand is the only rack you need. You don’t have to lift, push, pull or hassle around with your bike to use the Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle storage stand at all. The design provides for easy parking/storage with the least damage to your bike.

There’re bike racks and storage stands which usually take a toll on the wheels, rim and spokes. Even when the bike’s ideal, you’re gradually deteriorating the wheels, spokes and the rim. RAKK Bicycle Stand, Equipped with spring loaded arm allows for easy hold of front or rear wheel without the risk of scratching rim or spokes. And it’s good enough for accommodating all types of bikes from 20mm road tires to 2.4″ wide MTB.

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Top Features

Wheel slot accommodates all types of bikes from 20mm road tires to 2.4″ wide MTB
Hands free use allows you to roll bike into the wheel slot for storage or display
Modular design supports multiple RAKK’s connected together

About Storage Racks & Stands

Cycling storage is an issue when the space is limited. And that’s when cycling storage stands and racks comes to the rescue. Cycling storage racks and stands offers effective storage utilization while keeping the bike safe and secure. At, you’ll find a range of floor stands, cycle stands, bike racks to help solve the storage problem.

About Feedback Sports

Based in Golden, Colorado, Feedback Sports was founded by avid cyclist/racer Doug Hudson in 2004 with his development of the Alpine Digital Scale to weigh bicycles. Early on, the scales were successfully distributed through another Colorado company named Ultimate Bike Support, which Feedback Sports acquired in 2008 to add bicycle work stands and storage stands to the Feedback product mix. Since then they've refined these proven, award winning designs and continue to develop new and innovative products. Their mission is to create products that they're proud of and believe in, while forging long-lasting relationships with their customers. Their passion for cycling led to an appreciation for high-performing, well-tuned machines and this flows into the products they make. Feedback Sports, as the name suggests, comes from an engineer's use of feedback loops and cycles to improve and stabilize systems.

  • Holds 20 mm road tires & up to 2.4″ wide mtb tires In size 20″ to 29″ wheel
  • Base footprint 13.5″ x 13.5″ (343 mm x 343 mm)
  • Folded height 3.2″ (81 mm)
  • Weight 5.9 lbs. (2.7 kg)
  • Optional spacing of 12″, 13.5″ & 15″ between stands
  • 3-year warranty

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Feedback Sports Rakk-Bicycle Stand,Black

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