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Shakes SH-9150/8050 Brake Lever Hood For Bikes Black

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About Shakes SH-9150/8050 Brake Lever Hood For Bikes Black

Model number: SH-9150 / 8050soft (soft type / hardness 50 degrees) SH-9150 / 8050hard (hard / hardness 60 degrees)

* Compared to the genuine product, the soft type is slightly harder and the hard type is harder.

  • Product compatibility : 9150 (Di2) STI lever and 8050 (Di2) STI lever.
  • Material: High-density resin (PS-TPE)
  • Weight: Pair 43g Tolerance: ± 2g
  • Origin: made in japan

Product features

  • Hard Two types with different hardness to suit your taste, soft type with excellent shock absorption, and hard type with excellent durability and gripping are available.
  • Non-slip material / High-density resin (PS-TPE) is used, and a resin material with excellent water resistance that does not soak in water is used.
  • Trace the parts where grip pressure is applied such as gradation processing / dancing from multiple riders. Uses a special water-repellent gradation that repels water.
  • Slid line / Nine hand-painted colors are available in the groove dug on the product side. Color coordination to match the bike color and bar tape.

* If the model does not match, it cannot be installed.
* Install the product from the rear of the STI lever (bracket side). Forcibly inserting it from the front may cause damage.

About SHAKES Brand

SHAKES was born from the world-class Japanese mold processing technology and injection molding technology. A bike parts manufacturer specializing in grips for road bikes and triathlon bikes. A new bracket hood developed from a rider's perspective, not just as an accessory, but based on science.Precise processing accuracy that exceeds human sensory error realizes high-dimensional product quality. Moreover, by finishing each one from molding to coloring by hand, we achieve a commitment to perfection that goes beyond mere industrial products.

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Shakes SH-9150/8050 Brake Lever Hood For Bikes Black

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