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New -5% Sigma Sport Buster 100 Led USB Front Light Black

About Sigma Sport Buster 100 Led USB Front Light Black

Small Yet Mighty

The smallest light in the BUSTER series weighs only 62 grams. Packed with 120 lumens, the BUSTER 100 delivers outstanding light output and will be the perfect companion for your adventures in the dark.

Lighting pattern model

DISTANCE ZONE = Necessary safety on fast routes with a clear view into the distance, especially in mountainous terrain

CORE ZONE = Optimal illumination for a safe ride

CLOSE-RANGE ZONE = Safety on slower, technically demanding and extremely windy routes

SIDE ZONE = Additional safety, particularly when riding at high speeds on windy routes

Lumen and Lux?

What do the terms ‘LUMEN’ and ‘LUX’ actually mean and how are they related? It is only possible to draw clear conclusions about the subsequent lighting pattern by combining these two terms.

LUMEN = Amount of light, that can produce the light source (LED), thus the light power of the LED

OPTICS = It collects the light from the LED by reflection and refraction almost without loss

LUX = Illuminance, indicates the intensity of the light that arrives at a specific point on an illuminated surface.

Compact design

The BUSTER 100 is about the size of a matchbox and can be easily tucked into your pants or jersey pocket.

The most lightweight power light

Incredible power with minimum weight! At just 62 grams including the bracket, the BUSTER 100 is SIGMA SPORT’s lightest power light.

360° bracket

The BUSTER 100 comes with a horizontally adjustable bracket that fits on all common handlebar sizes. It features SIGMA’s quick release slide mount to allow you to easily remove the BUSTER 100 from your bike.
A flexible silicone bracket is also available for non-traditional handlebar shapes and sizes.

Illuminated button

The BUSTER 100 features an illuminated button making it quick and simple to change modes in the dark. The large tactile button is easy to press, even when wearing gloves.

“Switch on protection” prevents you from accidentally turning the BUSTER 100 on/off. Double click the power button to turn the light on, and press and hold the button to turn it off.

Water resistant pursuant to IPX4 standards

The BUSTER 100 is resistant to splashing water pursuant to international standard IPX4 and therefore fully suitable for outdoor use.

Silicone protection for the USB port

The micro USB charging port is protected against dust and dirt by a silicone plug, which can be easily opened and re-sealed.

120 lumens – kelvin and lighting angle

120 lumens and approx. 4,500 kelvins give cyclists a clear, cold white light.

Six light modes

Six different modes offer the perfect light for all situations. The power mode (120 lumens), standard mode (60 lumens), and eco mode (30 lumens) provide long lasting constant light. In addition, the BUSTER 100 has 3 flashing modes: normal flash, rapid flash, and “SOS” flash.

Burn time of up to 10 hours

Whether cycling, walking or on a short hike. The BUSTER 100 is the ideal companion for all evening activities thanks to its burn time of up to ten hours.

Multiple modes are available: power (2 hours), standard (4 hours), eco (8 hours), flash, fast-flash (9 hours each) and SOS (10 hours).

Charged in 2 hours

The battery is recharged in just 2 hours using the micro USB cable. The device cannot be recharged while in use.

Two-stage battery indicator

The operating button doubles up as a charge indicator that shows the battery status. If the battery capacity drops below 70 percent, the LED in the button lights up green. Below 30 percent, it lights up red.

The LED also provides information about the current battery status during the charging process.

Integrated, USB rechargeable, lithium ion battery

The integrated lithium ion battery can be easily recharged using a micro USB cable. The lithium ion battery technology ensures many hours of reliable power and offers an extremely low self-discharge rate when not in use.


About Sigma Sport

Over the last 25 years Sigma Sport has evolved from a pop-up shop run from a founder’s bedroom, to an international retailer, with a flagship store that attracts visitors from around the world.

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Sigma Sport Buster 100 Led USB Front Light Black

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