SKS Hightrek Set MTB Bike Mudguard 26"


One benefit of snap-on bicycle fenders or clip-on bicycle fender is that they’re easy to fit and easier to remove on/off the bike. SKS Hightrek mountain removable bike fenders are made keeping budget conscious commuters in mind.

This bicycle mudguard set fits 26” mountain bike tires, tubes ranging from 28 to 35 mm. With the help of frame clip(provided), you only need to turn two screws(provided) to fit the mudguard set. For stiff fit and silent journey, the rear fender is also equipped with universal fastening which can be fastened to the seat tube.

Without burning a hole in your pocket, now you can ride worry-free. The mud, sludge, water sprays are no threat to your office clothes anymore.

Top Features

  • SKS Hightrek clip-on bicycle fenders are easier to mount.
  • Product for budget conscious commuters

About Bike Mudguards

Bike mudguards are designed to protect you from water sprays that tires shoots up during the ride. Be it sludge, grit, gunk, water-sprays, mudguards not only prevent it from ruining your cycling kit but it also protects the bike components as well. Choose the one that fits your bike(road, hybrid or mountain bike). They’re generally easier to attach and detach. Front or rear mudguards are available at for the road, hybrid and mountain bike to save you from all the muddy hassles.

About SKS

Driven by firm conviction and out of tradition, SKS Germany have been developing, designing, constructing and producing bicycle accessories since 1932 in their company based in Sundern, Germany. The slogan “Made in Germany” is not just an empty promise to them, but reflects their high standards in quality, function and design. A rider can experience this with every single one of their branded lines. SKS is best known for Chromoplastic and Bluemels full length fenders. Chromoplastics are the benchmark for top quality with Secu clip release systems, flexibility and elegance. High quality mini-pumps and frame pumps, precise air pumps, compact bicycle tools, chain guards, bottles, bottle holders and saddle bags have also been integrated into the SKS range of products to provide for even more comfort and safety while cycling. SKS. For carefree cycling.

Art.No.: 10081

Color: black

Weight: 195 g

Wheel size: 26"

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SKS Hightrek Set MTB Bike Mudguard 26"

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  • ₹650