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Minoura Bike Hanger Wall Mount Stand 4M

About Minoura Storage Stand Bike Hanger-4 (Wall Mount Stand), 420-2203-01

  • Greater clearance from wall to bike to fit a wider variety of bicycles

  • A convenient storage solution for hanging a bike wall on the wall

  • Folds up when not in use

  • Urethane covered (RED) model is Bike Hanger-4M

  • Soft wrapped hook that protects your bikes finish

  • Comes with a small hook for hanging a helmet or clothing, etc.

  • Main hook as a 15-degree maximum angle adjustment


    • The hooks material may cause a slight color change on frame where your bike contacts the hanger. We strongly recommend you wrap the hook with bar tape or some other non-marking material.

    • Bike hanger must be installed to a wall stud. Be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully.

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Minoura Bike Hanger Wall Mount Stand 4M

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