About Us

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” – John F. Kennedy
And our story began with an attempt to explore, those simple pleasures of life! What a day it was, when we did our first bike ride! Life opened up, with beautiful sun rises and splendid weekends!  Long rides with wonderful chai breaks with fellow riders became the norm of our lives! A fitter lifestyle had arrived.

While we loved our rides, we soon realized that something was missing – good comfortable apparel and the right accessories. Whether it was saddle bags, jerseys, or winter wear, the good stuff just wasn’t available! The world was full of great products (bikers all around us, including ourselves, were importing from stores in UK), but we couldn’t find any in our neighbourhood!

Then followed a phase of intensive research. We strived to understand how the global cycling space had evolved and what bikers were doing to make rides more comfortable. Brands and products were evaluated carefully so that they are both acceptable and affordable. And what better way to sell, other than delivering them at your doorstep. Thus, wizbiker.com was born.

Let’s wake up to Great Rides!

wizbiker.com is a curated marketplace where cyclists can discover, compare and buy cycling products inspired from pro-cycling teams and riders.