Cycling overshoes are waterproof and winter proof.They help keep your feet dry and warm on a harsh winter day. And you wouldn’t want to ride with your feet wet and trembling because of the cold weather. Most cycling overshoes are made up of waterproof material, thermal or insulation fleece for adequate warmth. Given their stretchy fabric it’s easier to put on/off with the help of zipper. On some, you’ll find reflective detailing enhancing your visibility on the road. They’re lightweight and can be easily stored in the jersey’s pocket.

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Endura FS260-Pro Slick Overshoe Black

About Endura FS260-Pro Slick waterproof cycling overshoes BlackDo not let the fear of frozen wet..


Endura FS260-Pro Slick Overshoe II Hi-Viz Green

About Endura FS260-Pro Slick Overshoe II Hi-Viz Green Multi-Season Element Protection DESIGN PHILO..