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Brevet Medal

Brevet Medals

Brevet Medals can be ordered for the Year 2018-19 - for BRMs held on or after 1st Nov 2018. Medal design will change after PBP 2019 so stock for current 2016-2019 period will not be available after 31st October 2019 for riders to order.

How to order a Medal

  1. Type in your AIR Rider Number and AIR registered email id
  2. Hit the VALIDATE button. You will see a list of BRMs for which you can order medals
  3. Choose where you would like the medal to be delivered. You will not be able to change this selection after the order has been placed.

    My Address - The medal will be shipped out to your address (shipping address selected during checkout) within 4 working days

    My Club - The medal will be shipped to your AIR registered Home Club in the first week of the following month for every calendar quarter. You might have participated in BRMs organized by various clubs, but your medal will only be shipped to your registered Home Club.

    When you choose "My Club", you will still be required to enter you shipping address during checkout. Do not worry, your medal will be shipped only to your Club.

    Medal ordered during Shipped to Club during
    Q1 – Apr – June First week of July
    Q2 – Jul – Sep First week of October
    Q3 – Oct – Dec First week of January
    Q4 – Jan – Mar First week of April

  1. Select the medals that you would like to order - you can choose multiple medals in the same order
  2. ADD TO CART, proceed to checkout and complete the payment

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Brevet Medal

Ships in: My Address: 0-6 Days / My Club: Upto 100 Days
SR Medals - 6 Months
SR medal order has been re-opened for 2018-19 season only
600BRM medal is currently not in stock

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