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-25% Actuo Essential Men's Cycling Foam Padded Shorts Black

About Actuo Essential Men's Cycling Foam Padded Shorts Black

  • Made of 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex
  • with flat seam and waist elastic hem with anti-chaffing technology.
  • imported foam padding for comfort which is Heat Stabilized, Lubricated, Impact Modified, Good Dimensional Stability, Good Chemical Resistance, Good Toughness and High Strength.
  • Spandex is used to provide higher flexibility and mobility giving more assistance for high performance.
  • Made to keep body dry and help athletes to feel light and fresh even after long time of activity in the field or off- field.
  • With logo reflective

What is the benefit of wearing bicycle shorts?

The cycling short and its inner pad, called a chamois, protects the rider from the jarring vibration from normal road and off-road conditions. Wearing these shorts can greatly improve your cycling comfort. Showing off your powerful thighs can be considered icing on the cake.

Why do cyclists wear padded shorts?

The main purposes of padded shorts is to protect and cushion the bottom and genitals from the pressure of the body on the saddle, and to cushion the sit bones. The pad – also known as the chamois – is designed to sit against the crotch and form a cushioning barrier between your body and the bike saddle.

The importance of cycling shorts - both padded and gel.

Without a good cycling short, it’s hard to add more miles to the ride after a certain period. Good cycling shorts reduce chafing, offers some kind of shock absorbing gel padding. Either made from Lycra or Nylon, good cycling shorts are stretchable in nature and doesn’t restrict your pedalling movement. It’s always an intelligent decision to go with cycling shorts that keep you cool in the hot days and is made up of breathable fabric. Higher end models will have better gel padding, more panels, better breathability which is essential for longer rides.

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Actuo Essential Men's Cycling Foam Padded Shorts Black

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