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Blub Bio Degreaser

About Blub Bio Degreaser

Ecological degreaser for transmissions. Perfect to apply directly or in clean brush chains. Easily removes all types of grease, dirt, oil or wax residue from all transmission components.Soapy, biodegradable formula with neutral PH; Respect the environment. Its foam softens, breaks down the fat and removes even the most embedded dirt in seconds.It does not damage paint, plastics, rubber or components of your bicycle.


Volume : 1L , 5L

About Blub Brand

BLUB is a brand that offers a set of lubricants and sealants that allow you to pedal and keep your bike in perfect condition.Bicycle lovers. Professionals and enthusiasts of this sector. Enjoying each ride as if it were the last. We hate to rest.

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Blub Bio Degreaser

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