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Blub Chain Lube 450 ML

About Blub Chain Lube 450 ML


BLUB Chain Lube is a synthetic lubricant, formulated with teflon for optimum transmission performance.


  • Its formula leaves a low dirt attraction film.
  • It reduces friction, eliminates noise, creaking and improves.
  • Transmission performance.
  • Smoothest shifting and reduces chain slippage.
  • Recommended for use in all weather conditions.

How To Use It

  1. Thoroughly clean the chain and all drivetrain components, allow to dry completely.
  2. Apply BLUB Chain Lube ensuring optimum lubrication to all chain links.
  3. Clean & remove any excess lubricant with paper or microfibre cloth.

About Blub Brand

BLUB is a brand that offers a set of lubricants and sealants that allow you to pedal and keep your bike in perfect condition.Bicycle lovers. Professionals and enthusiasts of this sector. Enjoying each ride as if it were the last. We hate to rest.

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Blub Chain Lube 450 ML

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