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Blub Lithium Grease 100 Mg

About Blub Lithium Grease 100 Mg


  • Long-life lubricating grease with high corrosion protection for bearings, threads or any moving component requiring -maintenance, lubrication, and a high degree of protection against moisture and wear.
  • High lubricating power reduces friction and wear, ideal for greasing open bearings.
  • Does not attack rubber.
  • Prevents seizure, rust, and corrosion.
  • Facilitates disassembly and prolongs the life of each component.

How To Use It

  • Dismantle and clean, if necessary, the component or part to be
    lubricated with BLUB LITHIUM GREASE.
  • Apply the amount recommended by the manufacturer for each component or part to be lubricated. (Bearings, threads, or any moving component requiring lubrication).
  • Remove any excess product with paper or microfibre cloth.


Capacity : 100mg

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About Blub Brand

BLUB is a brand that offers a set of lubricants and sealants that allow you to pedal and keep your bike in perfect condition.Bicycle lovers. Professionals and enthusiasts of this sector. Enjoying each ride as if it were the last. We hate to rest.

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Blub Lithium Grease 100 Mg

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