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Cateye CC-GL50 Stealth 50 GPS Cycling Computer

About Cateye CC-GL50 Stealth 50 GPS Cycling Computer

The Stealth 50 is a simple power meter that is ANT+™ compatible, so it works with CatEye or third party ANT+™ power, heart rate, cadence and speed sensors. Track basic cycling data and combine with power, heart rate and cadence data to target and reach training goals. Upload ride data to web-based training sites, such as and TrainingPeaks, where you can visualize your activity, analyze performance and share your ride.

Other features include a full-time backlight, auto-stop/start and programmable odometer. The Stealth 50 is waterproof, USB rechargeable and can be used on multiple bikes, so you’ll always be ready to ride.


Upper display:

Current speed 0.0 (3.0)~105.9km/h [0.0 (2.0)~65.9 m/h]

Middle display:

Clock 0:00  ~ 23:59 [1:00AM ~ 12:59PM]

(Both 12 and 24-hour modes can be selected. Automatic adjustment using GPS.)

Power (※1) 0 〜 9999 watt

Lower display:

Elapsed time 0:00'00" ~ 9:59'59"

Heart Rate (※1) 0 (30) 〜 199bpm

Cadence (※1) 0 (20) 〜 199rpm

Trip distance 0.00 ~ 999.99 km [mile]

Trip distance 2 0.00 ~ 999.99 km [mile] / 1000.0 〜 9999.9 km [mile]

Average speed 0.0 ~ 105.9 km [0.0 ~ 65.9 mph]

Maximum speed 0.0 (3.0) ~ 105.9 km/h [0.0 (2.0) ~ 65.9 mph]

Total distance 0.0 ~ 9999.9 / 10000 〜 99999 km[mile]

Date 1.1 〜 12.31 (Automatic adjustment using GPS)

Battery:Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Battery recharge and data communication:

USB Cradle

Standard charging time:Approx. 5 hours (USB2.0)

Standard operating time:Approx. 10 hours

Recharge/discharge number of times:About 300 times (until the rated capacity drops to 70%)

Control system:Microcomputer (crystal controlled oscillator)

Display system:Liquid crystal display (EL backlight: Lights up constantly during the night-time)

Sensor signal transmission system:ANT+

Operating temperature range:0°F~104°F (0℃~40℃) (This product will not display appropriately when exceeding the operating temperature range. Slow response or black LCD at lower or higher temperature may happen respectively.)

Dimension:69.0 x 45.0 x 22.4 mm

Weight:60 grams

About Cateye

Design, Manufacturing, Sales and Servicing of Bicycle Accessories Such as Cyclocomputers and Lights; Heart Rate Monitors; Pulse Meters; Altitude Meters; Reflectors for Bicycles, Automobiles, Motorcycles and Roads; E Mark Headlamps for Automobiles; Triangular Stop Signs for Automobiles, Security Equipment Such as Construction Lights, and Traffic Safety Equipment Such as Delineators; and Servicing of Health Equipment.

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Cateye CC-GL50 Stealth 50 GPS Cycling Computer

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