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Clarks Stainless Steel Rotor 180mm

About Clarks Stainless Steel Rotor 180mm

We carry a range of fixed and floating rotors. All are manufactured to high standards and available in a full range of sizes, from 140mm diameter through to 203mm diameter. Our floating rotor designs feature both stainless steel and aluminium carriers which significantly reduce heat transfer to the wheel hub and reduce brake fade.

Clark’s new single piece rotors are manufactured from a high grade of Stainless Steel 120CR, they have been designed to offer great all round performance with a strong solid construction while keeping their overall weight as low as possible.

  • Single piece stainless steel rotor.
  • Available on Stainless steel finish and black finish.
  • Size - 180mm (121g)

About Clarks Brand

Here at Clarks Cycle Systems we have been striving to deliver quality products for over 60 years now.Our face may have changed but with our worldwide distribution network and manufacturing bases only further supports our determination to continue delivering the best possible service to our customers. At Clarks Cycle Systems were are dedicated to innovation in materials and design, underpinned by the ever changing face of the cycle industry. Our vast experience and pedigree giving our customers complete confidence in the right product for their customers too.

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Clarks Stainless Steel Rotor 180mm

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