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Blub Tubeless Sealent 120 ML

About Blub Tube less Sealent 120 ML


  • Instantly repairs the punctures that are generated in the tire.
  • Enjoy a ride without stops.
  • For tubeless, tubular and standard cover.
  • Excellent sealant for holes up to 6mm.
  • The liquid remains on the cover for 2 to 7 months, depending on the weather.

How to use it?

  1. Remove the tire, remove the tube and mount the tubeless valve on the rim.
  2. Mount a heel of the tire.
  3. Shake the bottle and apply the recommended amount * according to the wheel you use.
  4. Mount the other heel with a bit of soap and water.
  5. Inflate up to the recommended pressure.
  6. Turn the wheel and take a short ride. Make sure the liquid is well expanded.

About Blub Brand

BLUB is a brand that offers a set of lubricants and sealants that allow you to pedal and keep your bike in perfect condition.Bicycle lovers. Professionals and enthusiasts of this sector. Enjoying each ride as if it were the last. We hate to rest.

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Blub Tubeless Sealent 120 ML

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