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Exustar E-BFM100 Bike Fitting Machine

About Exustar E-BFM100 Bike Fitting Machine


  • In the cycling community, misfitting bikes are one of the most common causes of inefficient performance, discomfort, and injury – and the more you ride a misfitting bike, the greater the problems.
  • The Exustar bicycle fitting machine makes it easy for a cyclist to try and test a variety of frame and stem sizes, and frame angles before purchasing a bike, thus insuring performance, and comfort in the longterm.
  • The self-contained, fully-adjustable unit is a tremendous aid to a bike shop. Not only does the bicycle fitting machine help a bike shop owner provide a better product and service, it potentially means less money tied up in stock as a bike built can be ordered or built after a measurement workout with the fitting machine.
  • The bicycle fitting machine is best used in conjunction with measuring systems such as Fit Kit. Supplied with drop bars and flat bars.

About Excustar Brand

Exesearch and development of new products and technologies, continuously innovating and making improvements.Exustar is a leading supplier of bicycle pedals, shoes, and accessories with 25 years of experience. It is always our goal to provide a safer, simpler, more convenient, comfortable, and efficient riding experience. Since 2002 we have been fully committed to the r

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Exustar E-BFM100 Bike Fitting Machine

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