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Apace Hi-Viz Sleeveless Unisex Cycling Gilet Neon

About Apace Hi-Viz Sleeveless Unisex Cycling Gilet Neon

Presenting the Neon cycling gilet – a unisex, high-visibility solution that not only shields you from the elements but does so with a touch of sleek style. This gilet boasts cutting-edge features, including wind-resistant fabric on the front to combat the elements and stretchable fabric at the back for added cooling.

With a sleeveless design, it offers maximum freedom of movement, while a handy zipper pocket on the chest and a generous back opening ensure easy access to your cycling jersey pockets. Safety is a priority, and the extra-wide reflective panel on the back ensures you're seen even in low-light conditions.

The Neon gilet is designed to accommodate various body shapes while maintaining a secure, wind-resistant fit. Its high collar and extended back provide additional protection. So, go ahead, embrace your ride with confidence and style!

Features and Fabric

  • All weather wind resist jacket
  • Fits easily in the Jersey pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Zipper pocket on the chest [for money and knick knacks]
  • Easy access at the back to reach cycling jersey pockets.
  • Wind resist front
  • Sleeveless design for maximum freedom of movement
  • Breathable Back in stretch material

Safety and High Visibility

  • This Gilet has high visibility at its center of design.
  • During the day, the Neon yellow colour of the Gielt ensures a high very visibilty on the road.
  • During the night, It has 6 reflective elements on the front and the back.
  • Front - reflective zip and reflective apace logo.
  • Back - massive reflective band running from top to bottom, 3 reflective elements covering the pocket.

The deisgn ensure high visibility during day and night and also from from almost all sides.

About Apace Brand

Founded in 2012 in Pune, India, apace is a fast growing sports apparel brand specializing in performance apparel for Running, Cycling and Triathlon.The well-designed and purpose-made apparel will satisfy the elite athlete, as well as the weekend warrior. apace was started in 2012.

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Apace Hi-Viz Sleeveless Unisex Cycling Gilet Neon

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