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Hozan C-504 Hub Cone Wrench Set

About Hozan C-504 Hub Cone Wrench Set

  • New design thin flat hub cone wrenches.
  • It has extreme thin flat jaws that are made from durable industrial steel, heat-treated for long life.
  • And this jaw designed like a funnel, being able to hold smoothly, even when hard to see the hub nut.
  • The handle is new design for comfort working.

Hub Cone Wrench

About Hozan

Established in 1946, HOZAN Tool Industrial Co. Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturing company specialized in electronics and bicycle tools. Head Quarters located at Saiwaicho Naniwa-ku Osaka. Our product is tinged with a mission to convey human warmth to hardware. Through an assembly and service, we feel great joy when wisdom and the experience that the human accumulated have been passed strenuously to hardware. Favorable relations between Human being and software are our wishes, and we will support its realization. We also aim at environmental friendly company by providing tools that are easy to use and effective for energy saving, resource saving, as well as labor saving.

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Hozan C-504 Hub Cone Wrench Set

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