Ibera BarClamp Q6

About Ibera BarClamp Q6

Handlebar Mount for Phone Case

BarClamp, a quick-release mount for phones, is sold with a range of compatible Ibera cases.
It is size-adjustable to fit most handlebars (22.2–31.8mm).


Handlebar Mount with MiniBar

Carry a phone on handlebars, and bike
accessories on the Minibar.

• Spring-loaded mount

Minibar mounting options: Headlight, bike computer, bell etc. (not supplied).

Compatible Cases: IB-PB12, IB-PB13, IB-PB15, IB-PB17, IB-PB19, IB-PB20, IB-PB21,

IB-PB22, IB-PB23, IB-PB24, IB-PB25.

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Ibera BarClamp Q6

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  • ₹600