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Icetoolz Professional Hack Saw

About Icetoolz Professional Hack Saw

  • IceToolz 16H3 professional hack saw is designed to cut carbon fiber tubes off easily; it's a professional tool for cyclists to cut the long and unwanted fork steerer by themselves.
  • With IceToolz 16H3 professional hack saw, you can decide the most suitable length for your fork steerer and frameset.
  • The IceToolz 16H3 professional hack saw is also adjustable, the saw blade can be adjusted to 45 degrees at your will.
  • In addition, the blade can be replaced once it is worn out.
  • Contains carbide grit blade, especially for carbon fiber tubes
  • It's also adjustable to 45 degree


  • Product Dimensions : 51 x 15 x 3.1cm
  • Weight : 0.840kg
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Plastic, Alloy, Carbide Grit

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Icetoolz Professional Hack Saw

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