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IceToolz Ultimate Tool Kit 82A8

About IceToolz Ultimate Tool Kit 82A8

Ultimate tool kit    305x210x65mm.

  • Totally 40 functions:
  • 04C2 Crank remover
  • 09C1 Freewheel tool for Shimano CS compatible cassettes
  • 33S1 15mm pedal wrench
  • 35V8 8x200mm hex key wrench with coating
  • 28P1 PH1 Philips screwdriver
  • 28S6 S6 Flathead screwdriver
  • 25H6 6" forged adjustable wrench
  • D8D4 Adapter (8mm to 1/2" Drive)
  • 12F8 Precise 8-groove spoke tool, for 10-15G
  • 11F3 Crank adaptor for Shimano Hollowtech II compatible
  • 53S3 Multi-speed freewheel turner 
  • 61A3 Chain tool, for 7~10 speed chains
  • 56E6 Glueless patch AirDam
  • 64P3 POM tire levers, set of 3 pcs
  • 39H4 9x10mm open end wrench
  • 97T1 "Star-8" T-9x10x15x20x25x27x30x40 Star Keys
  • 97Y1 "Mighty-7" 2x2.5x3x4x5x6mm Hex Keys, T-25 star key

About IceToolz

Ice Toolz is a range of specialised Bicycle Tools made by Lifu Cycle Co Ltd. A long established bicycle company with over 30 years of experience in the cycling industry.IceToolz is a manufacturer of bike tools, offering multifunction tools and individual tool components which provide useful services when your bike needs maintenance or repair.

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IceToolz Ultimate Tool Kit 82A8

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