IceToolz Ultimate Tool Kit 82A8

About IceToolz Ultimate Tool Kit 82A8

Ultimate tool kit.  305x210x65mm.

Totally 40 functions:
04C2 Crank remover
09C1 Freewheel tool for Shimano CS compatible cassettes
33S1 15mm pedal wrench
35V8 8x200mm hex key wrench with coating
28P1 PH1 Philips screwdriver
28S6 S6 Flathead screwdriver
25H6 6" forged adjustable wrench
D8D4 Adapter (8mm to 1/2" Drive)
12F8 Precise 8-groove spoke tool, for 10-15G
11F3 Crank adaptor for Shimano Hollowtech II compatible
53S3 Multi-speed freewheel turner 
61A3 Chain tool, for 7~10 speed chains
56E6 Glueless patch AirDam
64P3 POM tire levers, set of 3 pcs
39H4 9x10mm open end wrench
97T1 "Star-8" T-9x10x15x20x25x27x30x40 Star Keys
97Y1 "Mighty-7" 2x2.5x3x4x5x6mm Hex Keys, T-25 star key

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IceToolz Ultimate Tool Kit 82A8

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